Recycled Plastic Pellets

Qingdao Xinlongna Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. has established three business points in Europe: Germany, Spain, and Portugal. We have strong sourcing capabilities covering Western Europe, Northern Europe and Southern Europe-we have established branches in the above locations, and procurement personnel with complete engineering plastics expertise will carry out sourcing development, quality control and assembly inspection, and provide monthly Shipping more than 100 containers of recycled plastics in Southeast Asia and China.

    We have also established a domestic recycling plant, equipped with 5 single-screw and twin-screw pelletizing production lines, to provide customers with customized PP and ABS recycled pellets.

rPP,Recycled polypropylene particles

Products are widely usedBottles, barrels, container-based electronics, auto parts, flower pots, etc.
Products are widely used
Small home appliances, modified substrates, auto parts, housewares, etc.

rABS,Recycled ABS particles

Products are widely usedCables, films, trays, plastic bags, etc.

rPE,Recycled polyethylene particles


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