German spruce
European spruce (scientific name: Picea abies (L.) Karst.) is a pinaceae spruce tree, 60 meters high in the place of origin, 4-6 meters in diameter at breast height; young trees have thin bark and old trees have thick bark . The large branches spread obliquely, the small branches are usually drooping, and the young branches are light reddish brown or orange-red. Winter buds are conical, with longitudinal ridges and pubescent. The upper leaves of the branchlets extend forward or upward, and the lower leaves extend to both sides or curve upward with the leaves on both sides. The cones are cylindrical, 10-15 cm in length, rare to 18.5 cm, brown when mature; seed scales are thin, obliquely obovate or obliquely oblong, seed length is about 4 mm, seed wing length is about 16 mm.
Also known as: Whitewood (Whitewood), Norway spruce (Norway spruce). This tree species is widely distributed throughout the European continent, and it is the most important economic timber species. Usually the trunk is cylindrical, the stem is straight, the growth height can reach about 30m (up to 55m), and the diameter can reach 1500px (up to 1.5m).
The color of the wood ranges from milky white to light yellow or brownish red; the difference between the edge and heartwood is not obvious; the wood has a straight texture, a fine and uniform structure, easy cutting, and no hidden defects;
Resin channels are widely distributed. The wood is soft, light in weight and medium density; the wood has excellent strength properties; it is easy to saw and machine, and it is easy to assemble; but it is easy to split when nailing.
This tree species is mainly used for indoor and outdoor structural purposes. It is the most important building and structural material in Europe; it can also be used for wooden houses, villas, decorative plywood, decorative veneers, indoor floors, factory floors, ordinary wood, internal structures and joinery (outdoor Use) and other purposes.


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